Filter bags

Our company offer filter bags of woven and non-woven materials for industrial dust collection in various industries, including the food industry (if necessary FDA certificate can be provided). We work with the most famous European manufacturers, we produce high-quality filters as well as  select the optimum solutions for filtration efficiency.

Filter can be regenerated by:

  • using high-pressure compressed air,
  • using low-pressure compressed air,
  • blowing reversely with short compressed air impulses,
  • shaking out mechanically.

Basic criteria for selection of optimal solution:

  • Working temperature: constant/ minimal/ maximal
  • Humidity level: no/ yes/ percentage
  • Dust composition: charcoal, cement, sugar, fertilizer, etc.
  • Explosion risks: flour, sugar, charcoal dust, wood dust, etc.
  • Chemical composition of gasses: ambient air, combustion product – fuel type (natural gas, heating oil, charcoal, etc.), oxygen concentration in exhaust gas (percentage)
  • Regeneration method: mechanical, compressed air (bars), other
  • Required dust concentration in cleaned gases ( mg/m3 )
  • Iformation about currently used sleeve-sack filters (material, work process, exploitation period)
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