Silo capacity

ILPERSA silos are made in galvanized and corrugated steel sheets, with outside galvanized stiffeners and with 2 main type of models:
  • STM silos with elevated metallic hopper.
  • SAS silos with flat bottom or built-in conical hopper.
STM silos may be modified with variants of metallic hoppers and is therefore highly cost-effective and versatile not only for products which require a lot of rotation all over the year but also for those which must not be mixed. 
STM models available from 3 to 9mts diameter and capacities from 50 m3 to 1.615 m3.
SAS models available from 3 to 27,2mts diameter and capacities from 50 m3 to 14.750 m3
ILPERSA silos are generally designed to stand up with wind loads of 145 km/h, and snow roof loads 80 kg/m2. Under request, we can provide silos under other specific wind, seismic and snow load conditions. All roofs are provided with an inspection roof hatch and a long life pendulum type level indicator to avoid overfill. Under request, we can supply double roofs and cylinder panel sheets to avoid grain heating specially designed for extremely warm climates and specially sealed roofs for chemical treatments inside the silo.
Our silos are manufactured with sheets of galvanized softly corrugated plates 104mm pitch 12mm depth to avoid grain remain at the wall after unloading.  
All roof, cylinder and hopper plates are produced from high resistance steel S350 GD with lower yield point 350 N/mm2 and galvanization coating 450 gr/m2. We can provide under request galvanizing coating 600 gr/m2.
All roof, cylinder and hopper plates are having a minimum thickness 1mm. We don´t use steel 0,8mm or lower thickness during silo production process.
We also can provide hoppers adapted for the installation of vibrating systems for unloading of difficult products and hoppers supplied with round head bolts to minimize amount of grain inside the silo. 
ILPERSA catwalks are produced on a modular way, from galvanized steel, without welding. Customer may choose walkway width from a minimum available 600mm width to a maximum 1.600mm useful walking width.
We also can supply galvanized tunnels for the installation of uncovered belt conveyors with discharge car.
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